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Use your reference materials, or let Monsha create context-appropriate content for you. Then easily export it as ready-to-use teaching materials for students.

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More effective, less workload, no burnout

Create content that matches your context, suits your needs, in a way that simplifies your workflow, and captivates your students. Go beyond ChatGPT!

With or without reference materials

Generate content from files, videos, articles, or links you provide. If you don't have references, Monsha will find context-relevant materials for you, saving you time and effort.

Effortless content customization

Easily modify or enhance Monsha-generated content to fit your teaching style. Because teachers know best — you're in control to ensure the materials are just right for your students.

Seamless workflow integration

Export content effortlessly to platforms like Google Classroom and other Google Workspace tools. We're continuously adding compatibility with more platforms to simplify your day.

Student-ready activities

Turn your content into ready-to-use activities. Leverage our growing library of high-quality, student-ready exports to make your lessons more engaging and accessible.

AI tools for teachers and educators

Your one-stop AI platform for instructional planning and ready-to-go resources!

Lesson Plan Generator

Generate lesson plans that match your teaching objectives, activities, and curriculum standards. Choose from various templates and customize to suit your needs and school's format. Export as PDF or DOC, or save directly to Google Drive.

Academic Resource Generator

Easily create original academic content for your class and share it with students as reading materials, activities, or text references in print or digital formats. You can align the content with your lesson plans or other reference articles, videos or files.

Assessment Maker for Teachers

Quickly create assignments, quizzes, or evaluation tests with just a few clicks. Use them in Google Forms, Docs, or Google Classroom. Choose from question types like true/false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and open-ended prompts. With accurate answers embedded for each question.

Classroom Presentation Maker

Craft engaging slide deck materials for Google Slides based on the lesson plans, academic resources or any other reference materials of your choice - including YouTube videos, articles, textbooks! No reference? No problem.

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